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Dog Food for Passover

Misha and Grisha, our Scottish Terriers,  have been somewhat oblivious to Passover requirements in years past.  Now that they’re nearing young adulthood (ages 4 and 5.5), they are discussing these things with more interest.

Misha:  “So I see we need to free the home of all “chametz” (wheat, wheat starch, wheat gluten, barley, oats, oat fiber, pasta, or rye) when it comes time for Pessach.”

Moi:  “That’s right, everything from the shelves, to the refrigerator, to the oven is cleaned thoroughly, including your dog bowls.”

Grisha: “But I haven’t seen one matzoh ball come my way, yet.  Why do we get stuck with our same old, same old Nutro dog food?”

Moi:  “Grisha, are you complaining?  You know that your dog food is kosher for Passover.  We wouldn’t shortchange you.”

Misha:  “When we have our seder meal, could I be the Son Who Doesn’t Ask Questions?”

Moi:  “I’m not sure that we want any doggy participation, Misha.  Just by you asking the question, it tells me that this role would not be appropriate for you….  And no, you can’t sit in the seat reserved for Elijah the Prophet, either.”

Misha:  “I guess I’ll simply have to harumph and sigh and moan all night.”

Moi:  “Then we would truly need to ask, ‘Why is this night different from all other nights?’ because that sounds like every other night to me-!”

Grisha:  “I like the idea of reclining on pillows to eat.  Could Misha and I pull up a pillow?”

Moi:  “Why not?  You generally end up on my lap during a long, family dinner.  Why not at Passover?”

The two of them cuddle closer for our meaningful midnight chat, resting their heads on my leg, dreaming of roasted eggs and apple skins from the charoset tossed their way.  It will be a special night, and one made even more special with their two black-bearded faces near the table.



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