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Doggie Poo-Poo Bags

My husband thinks I’m obsessed.  Nonsense.  It’s simply that once an idea becomes lodged in my brain, I like to explore it to its full extent.

Okay, so maybe that’s obsession.

We’re talking here about doggy poo-poo bags and the fact that, anytime I see them, I tend to buy them.  Mind you, this is not a massive undertaking nor expense.  It’s just that we hadn’t been able to find them anywhere for months.

Or at least the ones I wanted.

Sure, we can use the stray Wal-Mart or Dollar Tree bag, same as the next guy.  That’s why I have stacks of those in my closet, too.

“Were you born in the Depression?” Benedetto asks one day.

“Excuse me?” I ask, imagining that my husband knows I’m not in my eighties.

“I’m telling you, your buying and hoarding habits are very close to those of our parents’ generation. Next thing you know, we’ll have shelves and shelves of pickled vegetables in the basement,” he comments.

“You mean we don’t?” I gasp.  “I thought that was under your jurisdiction….”

He may tease me, but when we need an obscure item, guess who has it?  Never mind that it may take me several days or weeks to find it….

“Do you understand that we currently have three sets of bags in the car?  I think you’re going overboard with this,” he declares.

“Always good to be prepared,” I smile.

To my way of thinking, three sets of bags makes perfect sense.  The first set of bags were small trash can liners that I found at the dollar store and thought, “Well, if we can’t find anything else….”  The fact that I had to read the labels in French got me to wondering what was up.  Perhaps there had been a year or two “run” on bags and now we were importing them?

The second set of bags were the ones that finally were in stock at the dollar store.  Sufficiently black and opaque, I was delighted.  The fact that the box was printed in English and in French, listing, “Sac a` crottes de chien” gave me pause for thought, however, as long as they weren’t calling the calling cards “croquettes”, I guess I was fine with the idea that the Frenchies were quite concerned with their doggies soiling the environs.  As a bonus, these also had tie tabs.

However, upon opening the box, I spied flat, folded bags that we’d need to fold a few more times to place in a pocket.  After all, I wouldn’t want Misha or Grisha to feel any undue pressure to do their business as I waved the ready bag in my other hand.

The third supply came from the dollar aisle at Target.  Strolling in for a quick second, what do my eyes behold, but a clip-on container, slightly larger than the old, plastic film cannisters, sporting a roll of black bags inside, and an extra, refill roll in the same package-!

Say it isn’t so.

So naturally, I purchase it.  Which is totally reasonable.  Not from the standpoint of the clip-on cannister itself, since I rarely have anything so pedestrian as pockets or beltloops.  There are other issues at stake.  I’m not sure if this third set has the tie handles or not, but we can make do.  Apparently, we can make do-do, as well.  At this rate of preparation, the dogs can make non-stop do-do, and we’ll be ready.

What’s so wrong with that?  Would you please join me in solidarity by telling Benedetto that this is research, scientific research, a natural progression toward new and improved poo-poo bags that we must have?

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