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Dogs Gone Wild

Scottish-Terrier-13Our city house has a small backyard that’s fenced so the dogs can run and explore. The two Scotties, Misha and Grisha, have constant adventures as though the world were spreading before them. In reality, it’s a patch of grassy lawn, some flowers and veggies, raspberries that they love to pilfer, lots of trees around the perimeter, and a parking pad.

You would think that they landed smack in the middle of Mozambique.

The two stalk wild animals from squirrels, to raccoons, to airplanes overhead. They thunder with bellowing barks.

Today, Grisha comes bounding up the back steps, but Misha does not. I see him sitting under the trees, not moving. I call to him, using the magic word “treat” and he slowly tries to move.

He limps toward me and my heart stops. I think his leg is broken.th

“Misha!” I exclaim, running down the steps and scooping him up.

He looks deep into my eyes, and my heart melts.

Benedetto is going out and I call him back. He can tell from the tone of my voice that something is wrong. He cradles our big, black Scottie, while I examine his paws and pads. It appears that one pad may be scraped. It’s beige, rather than black. The other paw is caked in mud.

What has he been up to in the wilds of the backyard?

Scruffy-(2)My husband feels the dog’s paw and leg, almost like a sports trainer would feel for broken bones. Too many years of playing football….

“Don’t hurt him!” I protest.

And it’s then that we discover: the beige “scrape” on his pad is a broken-in-half acorn stuck so firmly into his flesh that we can’t see any jagged edges. Benedetto pries it loose and laughs.  We’ve been fooled.

“He could still be hurt…” I remind, as my husband hands off the bigscottishterrier9 baby.

“Sashenka! We have an emergency!” I call our youngest.

She usually gives the dog their weekly baths. With the mud and the punctures on Misha’s paw, I decide that she can give him a soothing foot bath, at least. Grisha decides to come along for the ride, so the two are carried to the bathroom. About 10 minutes later, Misha flies out, footloose and fancy free. He’s fine.

Both dogs are well enough to head outside for another excursion. The girls involve themselves in painting our gazebo and I wonder about the advisability of letting loose two hairy, black dogs… around white paint. In no time, the Scotties become Spotties and back inside they come for a sponge-down before the paint sets.

And so another sun sets on a dogs-gone-wild kind of day. All is well, safely rest.



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  1. avatar Karen says:

    Darling doggies! Hope he’s feeling better.

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