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Dogs Who Get Hurt on Vacation

We’re taking a two-day break this week to get away from our usual 25/8 type of schedule.  The problem is, Misha the Scottie hurt himself on our very first day away.

“Oh, look,” I enthuse as we enter the town that has few street names, and probably as many  points of interest, but is simply picturesque-plus. “There’s a veterinary hospital.  Always good to know, should the need arise.”

Naturally, nobody bothered to note my astute observation until 6:00 a.m. the next day when Misha was hopping on three legs.  Yes, it was less than 24 hours later that we were checking to see when the vet would open for business.  Far from home, and Misha was far from well.

He had enjoyed himself up until that time.  Strolling around small, cobblestoned villages, anytime we stopped to look in a boutique window, he jumped up, too, straining to get a glimpse of jewels or chocolates.  I never knew he had such good taste-!

But it was tiring for he and Grisha, straining at their leashes and becoming excited over every event from another dog strolling by on leash, to waterbowls placed outside of shop doors.  By morning, he couldn’t walk.

We picked up the big guy and examined the pads of his back feet.  One, he had started chewing, his allergies not having bothered him since the fall.  Apparently, they were flaring up.  Now we were away with no medication on hand.

However, it was the other back foot whose pad appeared almost cut.  No doubt all of his straining on rough and hard surfaces like cobblestones had scratched the underside of his paw.  Misha was more of a soft grass type of guy, and now we were afraid that he was very hurt.

Should he be walking on the paw? we wondered.  Would it/ could it become infected?

By 8:00 a.m., my husband and I were in the vet’s office, making an appointment for 10:00.  Carrying around the 23-pound sack of potatoes Scottie in rainy, cold weather was not my idea of a mini get-away, but it was what it was.  This was our baby, and he was hurt.

At last, we got in, saw the doc, and he said it would take time and soft surfaces for his pads to heal.  We discussed any topical medications which might numb the foot, but what if he licked it off and then his mouth became numb and he couldn’t tell me what was wrong…?

“Mwy fweet aand moufth hurdt….”

Consequently, the vet decided to give him some medication to take the edge off of the pain.   And here, I thought that’s what getaways were for….

Fifteen minutes later, we were loaded with five syringes to give to him.  Benedetto and I almost fainted.  Then a nurse mentioned that they were to be given orally.


Upon closer examination, they were simply shaped like syringes, no needle involved.  Either we held his mouth open and squirted it inside, or we squirted it over his food.

We chose the food route in order not to leave any room for error.  At the cost of this medication and visit, my eyes were opened to the fact that becoming a pet professional was the way our children might need to go.

In his favor, the vet did give Misha two treats for his trouble.  It was a scientific study of sorts, he explained where he held one liver treat, and one salmon treat, in either outstretched palm.  Misha immediately went for the salmon, while wondering where were the bagels.  The doctor explained that most dogs would choose the liver and that he obviously had a highly-developed palate.

So our culinary savant is steadily becoming better, not limping quite so much after only a few hours.  I glimpse him chewing his other paw at night and consider if this could be like kids absentmindedly chewing their nails.

It’s another rainy day today, and we’ll just have to muddle through and give him what medication we can, while carrying the King of Siam as much as possible outside.  Maybe then we can get home and get some rest.



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  1. avatar Winnie says:

    If you wander by a thrift store or heck even a Wal-Mart pick up a an el-cheapo stroller for him. A little umbrella stroller can be had brand new for less than $20, at a thrift store less than $10. Might look a little odd, but no more so than people who actually buy the pet strollers for animals who can walk on their own.

    Another idea might be to put a child sized sock on his foot if he’ll leave it alone. I know some dogs won’t put up with that kind of nonsense.

    • avatar admin says:

      Thanks for the idea, Winnie. Somebody else here suggested a stroller, too, lol, when they saw us carrying the big baby. You could say we’re small town celebrities at this point…. The problem is, he tries to fight us. We would need a cage over the top of the stroller, or he’d be up and gone-! When he was a puppy, I thought I could put him in one of those cute hand-held bags where the dog’s head pops out the end. Nope….

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