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Dogs Who Sleep in the Sun

My dogs love the slightest indoor sunbeam they can find.  It might be in the heat of the summer, or in the dead of winter, and they stretch out, superman-style, or konked out on their side-style, for a toasty, warm nap.

I’m not sure what attracts them to the sun.  As Scottish Terriers, they have long, luxurious, black hair—aren’t they hot?  Somehow, the sun seems to nurture them and make them all warm and cuddly.

Sunbathing Scotties.  Snoozing Scotties.  They barely move if I walk by.  All is well, contentment and peace are in the air.  Small specks of dust dance on the sunbeams baking down upon them.

I stoop to pat Grisha on the head, Misha on his back.  They might open an eye half-way, too lazy, too busy lounging to mind if more adoration is tossed their way.

They say that lighter, short-haired dogs can become sunburned, but my guys give no indication of that.  Black is beautiful, and they act more like Africans than Scottish.

If the dogs are down on their Vitamin D, a few hours of sunbathing-sleeping should cure that.  The two of them are oblivious to all else, save several moments of twitching, whimpering, full-out, REM sleep, startled awake by a distance noise, only to fall back to their restful reverie once again.

Does your dog seek out the sunbeam?



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