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Dogs With an Attitude

My dog just hung up on me.  Oh yes he did.

Misha!  My big baby, my sweetie pie, my fluffy foo-foo with the silky black waves, my Scottie par excellence.

Okay, he was miffed.  I was calling because I missed him.  And never the twain shall meet.

It started at 3:45 a.m.  This was one of those days that I didn’t have to get up until 6:00 a.m. or so.  But I did, just to placate the masses.  Wrong move.

“Can I go back to bed?” I ask Benedetto.  “Just the boys need to be fed.”

“I’ll do it, no problem,” he agrees, understanding that I mean that only the dogs, Misha and Grisha, must be fed.

I had already seen Grisha, Mr. Propeller Tail who wags and wags, even at 4:00 in the morning.  Misha, however, was not going to emerge out of bed until there was some breakfast in his bowl.  I didn’’t want to disturb him just to give him a kiss.  Wrong move.

I miss him by 8:00 a.m.  Our car calls Benedetto’s car.

“May I speak with Misha?” I ask.

“He’s sleeping in the back,” meaning he’s on the back seat of the SUV, in dreamy-land, and no, my husband is not about to wake him.  Even Misha the Scottish Terrier had handlers who kept the riff-raff away.

After work, Benedetto is too busy to put Misha on the phone.  Foiled again.

“We’ll call you back,” he suggests.

Around bedtime, I call again.


“Here’s Grisha,” Benedetto puts the little guy on the phone and his ears twitch and rotate in circles when I speak to him.  “And here’s Misha….”

“How’s my Big Baby?” I coo.  “I miss you, Sweetie Pie.  Are you being a good boy…?”


Click?  The line went dead.  What-?!

My assistant redialed, holding the phone out for me while I drove.

“Did Misha just hang up on me?” I asked my husband.

“As soon as he heard your voice, he got excited, poked the phone with his nose, and clicked it off,” he explained.  “Talk to him now….”

“Misha-leh, my shnookie-kabuki… I love you, Big Guy….”

Misha moans, obviously groaning from the grief of missing me.

My baby.

Now that we had “talked”, I could go to bed in peace.  Hopefully, he felt the same way.



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