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Doing Away with Deadlines

Have you ever felt like ditching most of your (manufactured) deadlines?

I have.

Some communities are doing just that when it comes to homework.  They’ve had it with the 15-30 minutes per grade rule, where First Graders review spelling or sight words and do a couple of simple math problems for 15 minutes, and where Tenth Graders receive anywhere from 2 hours and 30 minutes to 4 hours and 30 minutes of homework in their various subjects.  Where’s the family time?  Where’s the down time?

It’s the same for adults.  With our cell phones, texting, computers, e-mail, and constant connectivity, it’s rare to not be able to reach someone.  Right away.  And expect an answer immediately, if not sooner.

While that’s good for business, it’s not so good for one’s mental health.  Occasionally, we need a break.

The dentist sends out a reminder after six months.  The local sports teams have a sign-up date.  You need to register for college.  Those are understandable deadlines.

The sales offers flash in your e-mail’s inbox.  When I finally get around to checking on these great reductions, I find that the deadline was within 12 hours of receiving the flash.  Some are even for lunch-time sales, all of 2 or 3 hours in duration.

Leave me out.  Forget it.  I don’t have time to jump when you snap your fingers.

For people, for friends and acquaintances, I’ll go the extra mile, but for “manufactured deadlines” that don’t involve life or death situations?  No.

I realize that this is a sales technique, to have a deadline.  Nothing wrong with that.  Give me three days or a week and maybe you can count me in.  But really, I have a life.

Same with corporate craziness.  I pity the poor paean whose boss drops a pile of work on her… right before closing time.  Or, right before the weekend.  Is this due to poor planning, or truly something that a client needs right away?  Is it a sneaky way to determine’s one loyalty to the company?

That’s crazy.  I think there’s enough stress in the world.

Today, by Executive Order (if the President can do it without Congress’s approval, so can I), I, Alexandra Bartologimignano, do away with all artificial deadlines.  There.  Don’t you feel better now?



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