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Double Standard = Double Trouble

Vulgar and vile, both right and left call the comments against Ivanka Trump by “comedian” Samantha Bee. Question is, what is the fallout?

Nothing. Virtually nothing.

So far.

As we have seen with Joy Behar’s comments about Christians, there are no repercussions and no consequences and no accountability for the liberals attacking conservatives. She still maintains her place on “The View” after attacking the faith of Vice President Pence. Didn’t even apologize under her head was virtually on the cutting block.

Roseanne Barr tweets one inappropriate comment, not on TV, not on her TV program, realizes and regrets it within minutes, publicly apologizes for crossing the line… and her entire show and cast are kicked to the curb.

Dinesh D’Souza, conservative commentator, receives 20 months in federal prison for… donating a campaign contribution in the amount that’s a few shekels over the legal limit. Never before in the history of America has anyone been imprisoned for this, but he was. Not warned. Not fined. Not made to perform community service.

Imprisoned. Off to the slammer, the bespectacled academic spending almost two years in the company of hardened criminals who laughed in amazement when they discovered his crime.


And now Samantha Bee.  Pull the plug.  Attacking a wife, mother, businesswoman, and daughter of the president on TBS TV. This was a scripted program, written, proofread, produced, filmed, edited and aired— all with TBS’ approval. How can they deeply regret such foul comments? They approved said comments!

There appears to be a double standard in American morality, land of the free and home of the brave. Our freedom of speech has plummeted to a new level of low, as though male shock jocks on radio were not enough, women without manners or morals are joining in on TV.

Enough, people, enough.

We are all on Planet Earth to make the world a better place, not to attack one another like wild animals.


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