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Doublemindedness Will Do You In; Resilience Will Save You

crIt’s 3:00 am and I’m up to begin my day. Prayer, Bible, contact foreign fields… no, wait! I peek out the window— same as when I went to bed around midnight and it was lightly snowing. Still coming down.

If your area is anything like ours, it’s been one day of severe winter storms, while the next day or week brings springtime. I glimpse daffodils emerging… and then a blanket of snow. I hear birds chirping… and then taking refuge in their nice, toasty nest hidden in our front door wreath. The vagaries and vicissitudes of life rarely fazes any of the flora or fauna because they have that unique trait called resilience.

That’s something we all need. Resilience means the ability to spring back, the all-important bounce-back crfor which employers, potential mates and university admissions offices search. It could be the stock market, a health scare, a less-than-ideal academic record, a relationship gone south, a career off-track or a pressing problem that never seems to resolve. Do you quit, run away, give up, lash out? Or do you stick with the plan?

Stop-and-go wreaks havoc with the environment. It will do the same with your life if you let it. Train your emotions to take you to your intended destination rather than allowing them to run hot-and-cold. Don’t let doublemindedness rule your life when you can be resilient instead.

It’s often been said that those things which don’t kill you will make you stronger. I’d like to tweak that: those things that slam you down allow you to bounce even higher. Isn’t it time to get your bounce back?

Practice resilience today. Even delicate flowers keep pushing through icy crystals and so can you.


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