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Down on the Ranch

Pioneer Woman, I’m not.  We don’t go out ropin’, shootin’, hootin’, and hollerin’.  But recently, we went down on the Ranch.

Visiting my dad out in Timbuktu, also known as Timbouctou, also variously considered the rural suburbs of a major metropolitan city nowhere near Timbouctou whether literal or figurative, we traveled about six hours by plane from us, and there were limited options in terms of accommodations.  When I told my kids I had “taken care of reserving something”, they guessed that we might be:  camping out in teepees or tents (right), leasing an RV and zipping around in a house-sized car, staying in a hotel with a POOL!, getting an apartment for a couple of nights, or staying on a boat.  Instead, we rented a guesthouse on a ranch.

Yes, a ranch.  Full of horses, donkeys, mules, some sheep, goats, and cows nearby.  The whole house was attractive, well-stocked, enough bedrooms and bathrooms, capped off by green lawns and a pool.  Sounds swank, but it was not luxurious or anything, the main point was that it was in close proximity to my father.

Each morning and night when the horribly hot temperatures would drop, we opened the windows and heard the horses snorting and pawing outside.  Very nice.  Something that city people don’t often get to do.  Our neighbors opened their window one night, and somebody climbed in.  Pretty crazy.  Luckily, the intruders were scared off by knocking something over.  Now the neighbors are alarmed and wired to the hilt.

The kids got to see a mule being shoed.  They brushed and rode a bit.  They walked the paths out in vast expanses.  They jumped in the pool over and over and over, and then passed out at night.

Some drew, some wrote, some petted and fed the animals.  Think, pray, veg out.  Very pastoral, very restorative, I believe in sitting and doing nothing occasionally.  (Not that I do, but I like the idea… lol….)  We visited my father.  I reminded the kids that we were there to visit grandparents, not pet the ponies.  Some days I was successful.

I like a change of scenery.  Never mind that we had to take planes, trains, and automobiles to get there.  Never mind that we spent two full days of travel to spend two full days away.  Never mind that nobody’s at their best when they’re overtired.

Quiet, sweet quiet.  I could be a country cowgirl.  Maybe.

Don’t ya think?



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  1. avatar Winnie says:

    While a ranch is great and just my speed, I’m guessing you’d have high heel withdrawl in a week or two. Sounds nice, think I would have liked staying at the ranch myself, in fact my mother and I stayed at a horse farm just this spring. I’m a country girl like that though.

  2. Jupiter would live there in a heartbeat. She plans to have a ranch someday. She has also promised to build my my own mother’s house on the ranch to live in and I can tend the ranch garden and she will teach me to ride. We did an internet search for ranches for sale once, for fun; but they’re pretty much out of my price range. Dreams are nice though.

    • avatar admin says:

      Well, if you have a garden, Wendy, you could be fairly self-sustaining…. Then you can board other people’s horses, sell eggs and produce, rent out a little cottage… and voila`, instantly, within your price range! I have no idea how much the land went for, but there looked to be a lot of “For Sale” signs, along with semi-abandoned properties. We must have been in the high rent district, lol….

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