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Dramatic Distractions

thCommotion, craziness, and chaos spells smokescreen to me. Personally, I find it semi-impossible that anyone would choose to live in a less-than-organized fashion where items are lost, misplaced, forgotten and overlooked. Yet, I am surrounded by such.

It simply doesn’t make any sense. Time, one of the truly non-replenishable resources, is squandered and confidence and trust are shattered.

It’s a choice, it’s a conscious choice to fail. The well-known adage, “A failure to plan is a plan to fail”, could not be more true.

Hence, the need for a smokescreen, a distraction, and a shift of focus. More like hocus-pocus, if we thwant to be honest. And yes, we should want to be honest.

Drama queens and drag queens might have a bit in common, come to think about it. Why pretend? Why not get honest, get real, and get down to brass tacks? Maybe even sit on a brass tack to jump-start into reality. Drama, anger, withdrawal, sullenness, shrillness, accusations— it’s all just a cover-up tactic, pure and simple.

Why not discover one’s own best self and aim in that direction? You know, personal improvement. It’s probably due to the sense that they feel they never measure up.

th“Unhappy people get excited about other people’s drama cause it’s a distraction from their unhappiness.”

So the next time a drama king or queen tilts their scepter in your direction, be thankful you’re a commoner. You’re the real deal, moving forward with honesty and yes, even a smidgen of humility, against all odds. If anything, all of the drama makes for a colorful backdrop as you take center stage.

Keep calm and carry on.


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