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Dreams for Your Children

my-dreamEnjoying a winter wonderland of glistening, barren trees, shrouded in sheaths of ice as snow falls, my thoughts turn toward the future.  What is there to do but research and dream, and enjoy hearty soups and fragrant teas?

And so I came to that inner corner of the soul containing dreams reserved for my children.  For what did I hope and pray?  Would they be happy and successful?  Would they be unique and unusual?  Could they be their own person, forging into the future, while still remembering the heritage of their past?

“Scarf,” I urged as we reviewed Russian winter vocabulary, and they dream bigall went brain dead.

“Scharf,” I answered myself, as they hit their heads, shocked that they could no longer remember a simple word here or there.

They spoke Russian well enough, but there were bits and pieces that went missing, and we had to remedy that.  Which we were.  But it brought me to other thoughts.

179508109_1280What were my dreams for my children?  Had I become so caught up in day-to-day necessities (learning academic English, practicing good manners, becoming a productive member of society), that I was no longer even daring to wish wonderful things for them?

In no order at all, I thought I might list a few, you know, focus and clarify for myself, even if they were not interested at the moment, lol. One could always hope….

I dream for my children that they:dream

1.  Are healthy in body, mind, and emotions.

2.  Learn to care for themselves, and for others.

3.  Discover the joy of family life.

4.  Be able to support themselves.  (Please, God.)

5.  Learn the value of hard work, and smart work.

6.  Become brilliant conversationalists and interesting people.

7.  Develop a rich spiritual life and be of service to others.

dreams8.  Learn a musical instrument, or two, or three.

9.  Learn a few more foreign languages.

10.  Be well-educated, and well-rounded, and well-traveled.

11.  Engage in sports and physical activities.

12.  Make the family proud of their accomplishments.

13.  Have the strength of character to stand out and be outstanding.

14.  One day, cultivate a family life of their own with a faithful and fun spouse.

15.  Impart lasting values to their children. 

16.  Be sweet and thoughtful. 

17.  Maintain their heritage and be proud of it.lens5158232_1317133216christian_dream_interpret

18.  Make a mean Thanksgiving turkey, extra credit for the stuffing.

Okay, I guess I’m digressing here, but it’s been fun.  What are your wishes for your children?


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  1. avatar melin says:

    1. I wish for them to live in peace knowing that they are the child of the King of Kings and above all, that is enough. They are enough.
    2. Marry somebody they love, and who loves them back, so much so that a day doesn’t go by where they have to pinch themselves to make sure it is real.
    3. I wish for them a life filled with passion and purpose the courage to live it.
    4. I wish for them a life that is lived closer to “too easy” than too hard but with enough lows that they will recognize and celebrate the highs.
    5. I wish for them excellent health and the desire to sustain it.
    6. I wish them the joy that comes from knowing and loving the Saviour.
    7. Smart, wealthy, interesting, talented, attractive would be good but not on the top of my “What I wish for them list,” because these would be empty if they didn’t understand from whom their blessings came.

    • avatar admin says:

      Oh my, so eloquent, Melin! I sense that my standards have dropped in many ways and it’s time to correct that. There are days when I wish they could brush their teeth without 10 reminders…. You are right on target (as usual)!

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