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Drowning in Too Many Clothes

wardrobeOur family of six is drowning in a sea of clothing. We have too much stuff, period. Living in one older home and one newer home, there are not always sufficient closets, but that’s just an excuse.

We have too many clothes. They tend to collect over the years and we need to delete.

Donating items is not a problem. The family has taken bagloads to Goodwill and the Salvation Army. But there is always the hope that one day I might just lose some weight and fit into that well-loved item from long ago. It’s time to get ruthless and it’s not only me.

The kids have plenty of white shirts, black shirts, white turtlenecks, black turtlenecks to mix and match. But cluelessthey can become confused in the laundry.

“Have you seen my black turtleneck?” Sashenka asked me recently.

“No, but didn’t we recently wash a pile for fall? Check my things,” I point her toward a folded stack on a hallway bench.”

I had a top and a jacket that were missing. Which is not good. It fosters the idea that there are clothing thieves among us. The top was finally located by a helpful soul, wedged between several items and falling off of its hanger. Unfortunately, the jacket seems to have disappeared. Not to mention a pair of pants that today took off for a fall getaway.

clothesWhat in the world-?!

It didn’t help that I attended a conference. One suitcase was unceremoniously emptied as another was packed. The dumped items were most likely mixed with other things, in addition to stuff left behind during a hurricane evacuation and still possibly at the dacha.

It’s embarrassing and a vicious cycle. After all, if I’m missing key items, it might be easiest just to purchase a replacement item. And there we go all over again.

A yard sale, you say? No, not in the city. Sell on e-Bay? No time. As someone who works with indigent people polo-shirts-pilecreating new solutions for various needs here and abroad, I know it’s too costly to ship things to locations needing them most.

So I will most likely launder and donate the stuff. So that others can purchase clothes that they probably don’t need, either. Rinse, cycle, repeat.

Not this time. I’m changing the dynamics, paring down and breaking out of the pattern of excess.


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