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Early Eclectic Home Furnishings

thI have always believed that my hodgepodge of a house or two stems from the fact that taste changes over time. What you accumulated yesterday may not suit you today. And rather than get rid of all of the furnishings, you keep them and they pile up.

Not smart.

Now, however, I have the chance to furnish yet another beautiful home (and no, this is not my profession by a long shot) and I find myself starting over from scratch about 90%… yet still ending up with Early Eclectic-! I see disparate pieces and love them all – modern sophisticated and casual coastal – and hope to blend them all to live in peace and harmony.

Ain’t happening.

Anyway, I have come to the conclusion that it’s not the accumulation of things… it’s… drumroll… ME.coastal

Mind you, the place is looking fab in general, just a few lingering doubts. Sigh. The point is, you need good self-esteem in life and nothing from the outside can give it to you. Not even a matching set of furniture bought straight off the display room floor.

Hold your head up high and do the best you can. And make friends in interior decorator circles whenever possible-!


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