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Eclipse Fever

IMG_4585And so, as millions of Americans looked to the overshadowing of the sun, our family mourned the weekend passing of my mother-in-law. With the excitement of the eclipse upon us, we chose to stay at home and observe the phenomenon with our own homemade eclipse viewers— two 3×5 cards per person, one with aluminum foil and a pinhole through which we would look, the sun behind us.

Rather than travel to points south, where we would be located later in the week, we ensconced ourselves at our home with 80% coverage instead of 100%. It was still fairly impressive, the small images appearing like magic on the cards. These are the kinds of things that homeschoolers do.

IMG_4582Petya was at work nearby. His office had the great idea of looking into cereal boxes with pinholes near the top — the image came into the box in the area to the right of your eye and again with the sun at your back, while being projected into the closed box, as in a diorama. Are you IMG_4580getting this? He sent us a pic and it appeared to me as people standing on the street and searching for the prize in their Cracker Jack box-!

With technology, we had already viewed NASA’s footage of the West Coast eclipse from partial obscuring of the sun, to the total eclipse and then diamond ring effect. So anything we glimpsed was like icing on the cake. But with no traffic and no hassle.

Did you try to view the eclipse?


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