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Encouragement Can Be… Encouraging

Women-Sharing-Secrets-310x206Leave it to your trusted correspondent to state the obvious:  many of us could use more encouragement.  I was surprised how uplifted I was when some friends made a nice comment recently. 

Now I must say:  people say lovely things to me all the time.  I am very blessed to be surrounded with great friends and family.  So this couple took me by surprise because, for some reason, their comments seemed to really mean a lot.

“I’ll bet your ears tingle,” she started.  “We talk about you guys all the time.”

“Pardon me?” was my off-guard response.

“Your parenting skills,” he gushed.  “You two are amazing.”Happy-Family

“We are?”

Apparently, my startle button had not yet disengaged.

“Just look at the kids,” she said, “they’re happy, and well-adjusted, and… delightful-!”

“Well, thank- thank you,” I stammer.  “We’re very thankful for the Lord’s help.”

happy_family9I bring God on the scene because I am totally unsure of how much impact the two of us as adoptive parents have had on our kids.  No matter how much I hash and rehash, coach and coax, I get the distinct impression that some of our children are hardwired not to listen unless I’m constantly breathing down their necks.

So maybe all of the aerobic activity directed in their direction is paying off?

Maybe.  Hopefully.  Could quite be.

And having someone acknowlege that, and encourage us, felt good.  May it happen to you today!


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  1. avatar hoonew says:

    I feel the same way- you guys are doing a great job. You remind me of my parents (only I was surely such a perfect child that really I didn’t need all that much instruction. Haha!)

    • avatar admin says:

      Aww, gee, thank you, hoonew. See here’s the rub: I WAS a (semi) perfect child, lol. And here I’m dealing with riding wild broncos-! At least there’s never a lack of excitement around here….

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