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Engagement and Marriage Insights

crTake a look at your average engagement ring: a big, sparkly diamond (sometimes), a lovely setting of gold, silver, or platinum. Either the bride-to-be is consulted, or the groom can gather hints and tips from friends…. Usually, it’s a beautiful moment.

This is followed by a wedding band, with or without more diamonds. The band is often plain, solid and sturdy.

The two rings speak volumes about engagement and marriage. Doesn’t have to be that one is all fancy and fun, the other, solid and straightforward.

Yet, the band stands the test of time.

It happens that diamonds fall out of their settings. The band lasts forever.cr

Think of what you used to do during dating and engagement: special activities, time carved out for each other, events planned to please your fiancé. With marriage, there can be bills to pay, children to raise, exhaustion to manage.

But you can still treat your mate as an extension of your heart— blessing, building up, being a real confidant and companion above all others. It might not be as flashy and fun as the first blush of dating, but it need not grow staid and sour.

Up to you. Everyone can have pretty much the life they desire if they determine that’s what they really want, that’s what God really wants, and they’re going to make the effort to live accordingly!

Go for it and value your special someone today.


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