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Entrusted to a Family

holy-family-flight-into-egypt-1343051472_bOur children have been entrusted to us by the Almighty to raise in a way that would nurture them and help them to become whole individuals, able to worship Him, function, enjoy life, and be of service to humanity.  The Holy Family, Mary and Joseph, knew something about this sacred truth.

As the Biblical narrative relates, Mary was overshadowed by the power of God and would give birth to a child that she and a man had not conceived. Do I believe this?  Yes.

If the Lord can make seas part, and donkeys talk, and nations come back into being after thousands of years, anything is possible.  He still heals and delivers, saves and soothes.  There’s nothing too hard for Him and He foretold most of it in the prophets, particularly the Book of Isaiah.

So here is an instant father of sorts, and a young teen girl, thrust into the limelight, but willing to obey God.  ItMary would have been easier for Joseph to forget about the impending marriage, and turn from the shame of it all, but instead, he heard from God that there were some very unusual circumstances at work.

Both of them were poor.  We know that from the sacrifice that they presented at the Temple in Jerusalem upon the birth of their firstborn.  But God provided.  He brought costly gifts their way as the wise men came to visit, He gave them dreams by night to flee with the child, and He gave them courage by day.

As you raise your child or children, may this Christmas signal to you that you have what it takes.  Single parent, grandparents stepping in to help, couple… it takes a family, not a village... God’s greatest Gift was entrusted to a family.

Praying that confidence arises in your heart today!  May you have gifts, and dreams, and courage to raise your sons and daughters to fulfill all that the Lord has for them.

Merry Christmas!


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