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Evacuate for Hurricane Matthew?

hurricane-matthew-tracksAnd the craziness has started. In point-and-counterpoint, Benedetto and I are diametrically opposed, which only fits since a huge anniversary is coming up later in the week. Along with a hurricane, or at least very high winds and monsoon rains.

The governor is calling for evacuations within 100 miles of the coast, no longer mandatory or voluntary, simply EVACUATE NOW. And Benedetto wants to head straight into the storm. Leave our one home in relative safety, at least for now, and head for the coast.

I understand that we need to batten down tons of things. Prepare the house and the offices. HOWEVER, please don’t take my children and dogs there. Traffic will start to take over all lanes leading out of town… while you are trying to head into town… and while gas, water and food sells out.satellite


I don’t want to be stuck in traffic, going nowhere, while a HUGE storm is bearing down, whether near or far. It’s just nuts. So I told my husband that.

Which means I still have to get up at 3:00 am, take him to get another car, then travel another hour out of the city to hit some of the warehouse stores… since we will have no food here. We plan our weeks very precisely and now we will need to buy food. And possibly water. And maybe batteries. And gas.

Who knows what may face us even in our “safe” inland zone? But it’s got to be better than heading straight into the path of everyone leaving.


(Later update:  he’s doing the intelligent thing and not heading south. Under protest.  But still.  He will be directing his troops from afar and helping many more people than he could by being in transit.  We may even get to celebrate our anniversary, almost silly at a time like this.  But still.  I’d say this is progress.)


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