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Exciting to Boring Ratios

exhaustedUsing myself and others as test subjects, I have continued my sociological studies of life in the fast lane.  I am arriving at a conclusion based on about as much scientific research as the average hunch or gut feeling.  And here’s the conclusion:  the more exciting a person’s life becomes, the more they have to compensate with boredom in other areas.

It’s not that it’s required or a necessity, it simply 25a9d4f0-970f-432d-9051-2e77b4548219happens.  There’s only so much excitement that a person can take, apparently.

Those who live a generally boring life often enjoy changing their hair color, or moving around the furniture in the house.  Conversely, those who jet around the world may come home to their same, favorite café or restaurant, time after time.  They might wear the same color nail polish months on end, or vacation in the same areas year after year.

sleep_puppy_iStock_000015227531MediumIt happens.  It’s exhilaration overload, and, like a seesaw, compensation takes place to maintain balance.

Out every night?  Then, a relaxing night at home is just the best.

Home all the time?  It follows that a night out is needed.

Lots of fast food?  You may need to go plain and simple, raw and healthy for a day or two.

It’s the pendulum swinging back in place, and sometimes, it goes off its rocker.Epic-Tomato-Western-Desert

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve been known to fly into the most glamorous locales… and promptly fall asleep.  Following a nap, or a shower, or a power walk, my equilibrium is back, and I’m ready for more excitement.

But then I’ve never been one to lay on the beach and veg, which may be why I have an exhaustion excess from time to time.

Do you have exciting-to-boring ratios that keep you balanced?


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