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Factoring in the Future

The-Future-Next-ExitI am trying to get my four teen kids to think about their futures.  Three out of four refuse to do so.  I believe they will be living in our basement at age 40.

We do not have a basement.  At least none that’s available to them.

My attempts at preparing them for life go something like this.

“Maybe you’re starting to think about future careers and what might be your life’s purpose….”


“Not really.”

“How can I make a lot of money–fast?”

Now, we must note that I did not pause in my monologue for a response.  However, they felt impressed to weigh in with their opinions.

I try again.

“As you move into high school, we need to know what type of track to place you on–college preparatory, or trade school, or prison inmate….  With some idea of where you might be headed in life, we can prepare and have you take the proper subjects.  Nobody has to decide for sure right now, but you need to start thinking about it.  Why don’t we discuss a couple of careers and what ‘might’ interest you?”

career planning“I have no idea.”

“I don’t want to.”

“It’s a secret.”

“Most young people find it beneficial to discuss careers with those who have life experience.  We can read descriptions of majors from college catalogs, or let you research online something that may be of interest to you,” I continue.




So how do I keep myself from strangling them, you might ask?career_street_sign This distinct lack of motivation may sink them in mire for life.  Therefore, as in any tug-of-war, I have decided to take two big steps forward.  Let them get off balance.  Suddenly, I will not discuss anything about school or the future.  See if they notice.  Allow the void to create a vast silence that will need to be addressed.

It’s their future.  They missed a big part of their childhood, and a few of them are simply not ready to look any further forward than backward. 

Okay, regress. When you’re ready to move forward, let me know.

Meanwhile, I’ll focus on pushing myself forward.  At least I listen.  Right now, they’re just not ready.


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  1. avatar Wendy says:

    My 9 year old was quite delighted to learn that one can go to college and major in fashion design. She was less than thrilled to learn that one still has to complete math homework in order to go to art school.

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