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Fairly Evident… to All But Those Involved

shoesHow is it that certain realities of life are self-evident to everyone except those going through the situation in question? You can list them with the best of us:

1. That all men are created equal—that is, if you’re white, male, Protestant, and a landholder during that time period.

2. That your secret office romance will go undetected by all others who have been smitten deaf, dumb, and blind.

3. That dropping out of school is the right move… when it’s really dumb andteepee-480x640 dumber… unless you have an idea for some new widget that will take the world by storm. And even then, you’ll probably have to learn a lot on the fly.

4. That if you or your family need money, you should never consider getting a job, or an additional job… for additional income.

5. That you can party during the holidays and eat anything you want and still lose weight if you dance, shovel snow, stir the eggnog, wrap presents or squeeze yourself into that too-tight dress or skinny pants which would be a form of aerobic exercise, after all, with all of the exertion involved.

6. That you can wear skinny pants.

Crazy hair style-087. That you don’t need to upgrade your skills nor abilities for today’s marketplace.

8. That your kids or employees will automatically do what you want them to do even if you’re not watching them like a hawk.

9. That investing for the future is overrated.

10. That nice guys never win.

11. That you hurt no one when you lie to yourself.

12. That you’re not lying to yourself and don’t need some outside perspective from time to time.



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