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Family Photos – Take Two

IMG_2489These are our children—Petya, Pasha, Sashenka, Mashenka, along with dogs Grisha and Misha.  We love capturing family photos and the kids are troopers because it really does take work.  Even this photo, which turned out to be one of our faves from about 30 minutes of a walk together, has its downsides:  Petya looks to be several inches shorter than normal, and Misha’s nose is sniffing out a nearby squirrel and partially out of the picture.

What can you do?

I’m the photographer, which means that I’m never pictured, lol.  Sometimes they’re strolling with their father, sometimes not, IMG_2484walking toward me or away from me.

Without my constant direction, the kids either tend to bunch up one behind the other, or spread out, drifting almost out of the frame.

Okay, everybody, keep the spacing regulated.  That’s good.  Thank you, everyone.

IMG_2481Often, Petya has his arm around his father.  These things just happen.  Believe me, they’re not staged.  He looks taller here.

One or the other of the children is constantly turning around toIMG_2483 see if Mama is still there or not, as though I’ve suddenly snuck away to the ice cream shop.  Here, Mashenka can’t help herself.  Hellooo, yes, it’s still me.

IMG_2494Then it gets hot, nearing 10:00 a.m., so off come the jackets.  I understand.  Color is good, too.  The natives are restless.  Then they bunch up again.  That’s why we need to take lots of photos, but it’s time to wrap things up.  Altogether, I think it worked out.


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  1. avatar Karen says:

    That first shot looks like a postcard! But we want to see you, too!

    • avatar admin says:

      Aww, thanks, Karen. The picture looks a little fuzzy here, but it’s actually quite sharp offline…. Hmm….

      We do take entire-family photos and it’s really not hard with a tripod. I recently found a good one, extremely lightweight and quick to set up. All you do is shake it, and it springs into shape! Then the legs easily fold back without a lot of effort, but it only holds a certain amount of weight if someone has an extremely professional camera.

      I can only imagine if I posted my photo, the number of individuals worldwide using it as a dartboard….

  2. avatar hoonew says:

    This takes so much work. I wish I were given 30 minutes of opportunity-time to get the shot- I get about 2 minutes. I just keep my finger on the shutter and it blasts away, with my hope that I happen to luck into a good shot of everyone. You are getting a lot more cooperation than I am given!

    Since you have done so well with the group shots, next you must master shots with yourself in the picture; one kid at a time perhaps? The kids will be so happy to have those.

    • avatar admin says:

      Good ideas, hoonew, thank you! We do take “whole family” (yes, dogs, too!) photos at home usually around birthdays. Then we take one of the child celebrating. But I like the idea of taking more time to focus on each individual maybe in a relaxed setting. I must put that on my “to do” list. 🙂

      I got a nice photo the other week of Sashenka at her father’s office. She’s standing next to his big chair, arm around his neck, as they have their little consultation. I have to be quite sneaky, though. As soon as I pull out the camera, I can see people start to rearrange themselves.

      The only way I get 30 minutes is to tell everyone to look nice and we’re going for a walk. They take it as a game: walk this way, walk that way. Then they ignore me for awhile and walk away. That must be our “style”, lol. Time to break out of the rut.

      I remember my father always taking photos of us and we had to be in the garden, looking at a flower, cupping it with one hand and sniffing it. That was his style. Then we went to professional photographers who would try to make us smile, which always got a pouty look from me. I was a very happy child, only you would never know it from any photos of babyhood until about age 7 or so. Maybe I was sad that we didn’t have much in the way of color photos back then….

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