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Family Rules

IMG_1232Bought a neat wooden sign the other day.  It’s the kind that looks distressed, black lettering of various typefaces on an off-white background, the kind of tchotchke that my husband loves to wonder why I brought home in the first place.

Because I like it.  And for under $20 it’s cheap therapy.

(Just for that, I recently purchased for him a white-on-black sign that read, “Let me drop everything and work on YOUR problem.”)

But back to my sign.  It’s fabulous, and for some reason, I love it.  It’s a good reminder to all of us about what matters in life, and how to stay focused.  We can have a small sign like this, or we can just frame the Bible.  So we go with the sign.  It’s about two feet high and for now, I move it from place to place, in order to keep the kids, and all of us, reading it.

Sometimes, it’s on the couch.  You have to glance at it in passing, or move it if IMG_1239you’re going to sit.

Other times, it’s on somebody’s chair where they do their schoolwork.  It says, “Hey!  Look at me!”

In front of the big screen where we watch movies is particularly poignant as everyone waits for Mama to get her cup of green tea, or another hemming project, while our viewing audience gathers.  They HAVE to read it, when it’s right in front of them.  A little bit of positive brainwashing.

IMG_1237Sporadically, I even lean it up against a pillar on the floor.  “Hellooo!  Over here!” it calls.  The dogs like to sniff and peruse it upon occasion.

Oh, I almost forgot. This is what the sign says (albeit in a linear, artistic form):

Family RulesIMG_1236

Help each other.  Always tell the truth.  Share.  Do your best.  Pay with hugs and kisses.  Listen to your parents.  Laugh at yourself.  Say I love you.  Try new things.  Be thankful.  Show compassion.  Be happy.  Love each other.  Dream big.  Respect one another.  Laugh out loud.  Keep your promises.  Say please and thank you.  Be grateful.  Think of others before yourself.  Use kind words.  Know you are loved.  Hug often.

That about says it.  I like the sign.  We all need to be reminded, don’t we?



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