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Fancy Party Foods


Like many this season, we’re hosting a party. Our neighbors throw them, our friends have them, the congregation enjoys presentations and receptions, the offices gather staff for good cheer. And living in DC, it’s easy for folks to go over the top with their celebrations.


I try to keep it elegantly simple. But that doesn’t mean I can’t look at some upscale caterers’ offerings.


We happen to be in Georgetown and I pop into Dean and DeLuca, Purveyors of Fine Food, strolling past the olive oil. Their designer cupcakes come in a dozen for $85 and they’re over-the-top beautiful, delicious-looking. (At DC’s Georgetown Cupcake a couple of blocks away, the price hovers around $3 per cupcake rather than $7 so go figure….) I glance longingly at a Babka, the kosher, chocolate-filled marble, yeasty-bread, two for $34. It might be time to get out the rolling pin, myself, lol.


The samosas are fist-sized, much more than a delightful snack and priced accordingly at $10 a piece. Kusmi Tea House (since 1867) “Anastasia” muslin tea bags come in at $21 for 20. Yikes. Yet, Earl Grey, citron and flour d’oranger cannot be trifled with, neither can the Ginger-lemon green tea next to that….


The sushi is colorful and lovely. I don’t even peek at the price of each small tray, knowing that raw fish is not my thing, considering that the realities of bacterial poisoning can happen even to people of prestige and position. Call me paranoid or a party-pooper, but anything raw other than crudités will not be happening at my party….IMG_2519

The Christmas cookies, the creme brûlée, the Napoleans all call out to me. Benedetto lingers at the cheeses, the spices, and the honeys.IMG_2521

“Hot honey,” I note aloud, wondering what spicy honey might taste like. “You could call me that: ‘hot honey-!’” I chuckle.

My husband turns and gazes at me.

“Or I could call you that—,” I shrug.deandeluca

Staff in white coats approximating those of doctors, with matching hats and pulled-back hair, offer their assistance in a non-intrusive manner. Perhaps I should ask them what they think of hot honey. Or maybe, full of inspiration, I should gather a few provisions from here or elsewhere and head home to prepare for my own party.


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