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Fanny-Deep in Footnotes

footnotes_00I don’t like footnotes. Bibliographies are okay, fairly straightforward, but footnotes? Unless you get to use the Harvard Style of citation which is simply the author’s last name and date in the text itself (Bartologimignano, 2014).


No such luck.

At least we have computers that will space out everything nicely, make 0-footnotessuperscript numbers at the bottom of the page, and so much more. But somebody’s still gotta remember what goes where. And when writing for scholarly papers abroad, the system of citations and references changes yet again.

No full stops after the author’s first initials. Journals abbreviated and in italics. Article names not capitalized (or capitalised as the case may be) except for the first letter and any proper names thereafter.

cetwyyglIs it one author or two, one editor or several, an online citation or news story with no particular writer? A book or magazine article?

Then comes the Bibliography after hundreds of pages, if not dozens, and everything morphs again.

I don’t like it. Did I say that?

I think of everyone else’s life and meetings that I have and e-mails and texts and the weather outside and should I cook something for elderly friends since I don’t have to cook for the family for this one day…. And the footnotes are still waiting. And I’m under deadline. And I need to sound scholarly and engaging and cutting-edge and insightful and focused.

It’s all a bit much, some days, don’t you think?

And if footnotes are my biggest problem of the moment, I am very blessed indeed.

(Tomorrow: the Russian Embassy….)


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