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Fave Family Photos

family-christmasHolidays often bring photos. I love it, I love seeing families gathered together. Even when they all look pained by the thought of it, lol.

Growing up, I don’t remember our family taking any group shots, but there are many of us as individuals. We also went to a professional studio where we took solo portraits. Somehow, I don’t recall family photos and now I wonder why….

Anyway, with our kids, we’re making up for lost time in the orphanage with family photos here, there, and everywhere. We generally take our own with a tripod and timer, since having another person involved just heightens the Artistic-Family-Portraitstension and anxiety. Some photos work, some don’t, but a bit of effort makes all the difference.

Read: many takes.

I just glimpsed photos of an almost-two-year-old who’s a cutey-patooty. The parents got together with a friend who’s building a photographic portfolio and who shot the three of them for free. Gorgeous photos, the kind where everything is black or grey and then the mother’s high heels and the little girl’s shoes (and I forget what with the father) are a pop of bright red. Well over 200 pics were serious contenders….

0_1387-wMy tastes tend toward the more offbeat family fashion spread formats. Silly faces are really not my thing. You know, the Victorian couch on the beach with family members all around, maybe a family running in slow-mo toward the camera through a misty field at dawn.

It can wreak havoc on the hair, though.

Plus, try motivating the rest of the family to “get” your vision….

Maybe hold up an antique picture frame and stick everyone’s heads throughfamily beach photographer it. Better yet, photoshop them into the frame later on, lol. Or, have a toddler popping out of a big holiday giftbox, fuzzy lights in the background. Or, have the kids gathered around lighting candles with a beautiful glow on their faces.

It’s worth it to have some lovely holiday memories. Take a moment to pose everybody. May all your holiday photos be bright!


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  1. avatar Karen says:

    Awright, when are we gonna see one of your fab family, Alexandra??? I know it would be over the top… lol…..

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