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Favorite Summer Things

thThose summertime delights come out to play this time of year, and we might as well recount them now, so that we can savor them—the sooner, the better.

The sand between your toes. Calluses effortlessly disappear, and cool contentment reigns while strolling the beach. Well, maybe not too cool depending on the time of day. But you can still look cool enough in that bathing suit, sarong and big-brimmed hat.

Grilling a great summer meal, whether ears of corn still in their husks, kabobs cookingor skewers of marvelous meat and veggies. Hear it sizzle, see it sear, marinade until it melts in your mouth.

Think of ice cold drinks on a summer day or sultry night. Mint tea, lemonade, seltzer water with lemon or lime—a cool drink refreshes more than ever when the temperatures soar. Keep a cooler of ice ready for picnics and backyard gatherings, and enjoy.

LemonadeLong daylight hours. Who cares if you still need to work, or the kids have year-round school. You have free time on your hands when even the sun refuses to set. Make the most of it on an old-fashioned porch, or soakng in a pool or hot tub as the sun sets.

This is the time of year when activity ignites. Perfect time to pick up rocket-pop-molds-popsicle-maker-3the pace with frisbee or paddle ball on the beach, croquet on the lawn, bike riding to Baskin Robbins, and goofing around with sprinklers and slip’n’slides.

Hunker down into an oversized wicker chaise longue and read that book you’ve been wanting to get to, or flip through some glossy magazines. If you happen to doze off, you’re allowed. Paint your toenails

Get out your popsicle maker and have some fun. It’s almost summer!


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