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Feeling Blue Lately…

blueaccentsHow many shades of blue are there? I have a home decorating project—not really for me— long story there— for which I cannot get the right shade of blue. First, it was turquoise (unavailable), then royal blue (grabbed a couple of couches that could be fun), then all that was in stock was teal blue this or that (too green).

The problem is, nothing matches anything else. I’ve decided to hold out for what I really want and not make any sudden moves… or purchases, lol. At a time like this, I normally revert to black and white, my comfort colors. Probably with the correct pop of color, or even the same general palette, various shades of blue could work. That may be the final frontier in home design: matching tones available at all times and at all seasons, as opposed to simply matchy-matchy of whatever may be au courant.

Because then, great numbers of we, the purchasing public, just give up and decide not to buy if we don’t care for the blue-accentscolor du jour.

Why am I speaking French? Only Europeans understand the nuance of color for which I am searching.

I’m looking for complementary colors, not an exact duplicate pattern in terms of bedding, window treatments and wall coverings. Try to find that— really difficult. Maybe that’s why the rain exists— but I truly wanted my specific turquoise or at least, royal blue.

AccentsBlueI located some plates and felt good about that.

Perhaps it’s asking too much. Could be my problem, rather than anyone else’s, yet there’s the nagging thought that if I’m facing this, others could be, as well.

What about shopping some foreign outlets, comes the bright idea? Something, a little je ne sais quoi from Provence, with a bright Mediterranean color scheme of blue and yellow would work….

That’s it, it’s settled, pull out the jet: Provence it is!


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