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Female Killers

Bambi+and+MomBambi, look out. Killing is going mainstream. Some are celebrating and defending it, while others are horrified and condemning it.

Our moral compass appears to be broken.

Does this bother you?

Now that a semi-famous lion has been killed by an American dentist, we have a giraffe-slaying huntress posting pics of her many kills, as well. In essence, she asks, “So what’s the big deal?”

Now look, I eat meat. I never grew up on a farm, and never raised chickens as pets. As long as I cecil-the-lion-jpgdon’t have to raise them or slaughter them, I’m good.

But killing just to kill? To have a trophy head on the wall? The mounted, taxidermy heads don’t bother me as much as someone, male or female, standing there in a photo with their gun or cross-bow in their hand and their foot on their freshly-killed prey.

baby-photoThey just took a life.

And they think nothing of it.

To me, that’s very, very strange.

Which leads us to Planned Parenthood and the five undercover videos featuring yes, women, in the business of harvesting and selling human baby body parts.

And they think nothing of it.

To me, that’s very, very strange.

The videos show workers with forceps picking through miniature livers and limbs, discussing how tounnamed (20)(14) manipulate the abortions to obtain the best specimens. Try to spin it, try to defend it, try to say you’re all for women’s rights.

I understand women’s rights, whether or not you want to have children, whether or not you want to work. Yet, when it comes to killing animals-for-fun and babies-for-convenience, I cannot condone it.

To me, it’s all very, very strange.

Abhorrent, actually.

And certainly not deserving of funding by my taxes.


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  1. avatar Leah says:

    Very elegantly and aptly written, Alexandra. You are a voice of reason and I applaud you for speaking the truth. How is it possible to stand up for animals and not for helpless human beings?

    • avatar admin says:

      Thanks, Leah. We all know of the “medical” experiments undertaken during Nazi rule. No one can watch these videos and not see some form of reality. We must object.

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