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Finding Family Movies

netflixMoi:    Benedetto, could you share with my readers how our family rents movies?  You know I’m not the high-tech person, and most of the time when I search for a decent film, I come up with nothing, or occasionally a film that disappoints.  How do you do it?

Benedetto:  Ecco.  I will let you in on my secrets. (He grabs a coffee before he agrees to chat for 5 minutes.) We belong to Netflix Instant Download for their low, monthly fee.

I search for an Instant Download on Netflix under vudu_logothe “Family” or “Faith & Spirituality” category.  These are the safest bets for us.  The Family category is generally weighted toward small children with many cartoons, not great in our situation.  The sub-genres by age then lead a family such as ours generally to TV teen-type movies.  Not good.

amazon-instant-videoWe prefer the films that are good examples for the children, without kids talking-back, running the family, making the parents look like morons, or sneaking around behind the parents’ backs.  Our kids are imaginative enough on their own.  So on Netflix we don’t always locate movies.

I go to another movie site.   At Vudu.com, their Browse (search) for the Family category seems weighted more toward older children and teens, such as PG-13 movies, which again, our family chooses to bypass. However, the rest in the Family category (G or PG rating) is much more interesting and offering more titles than Netflix.  We find many of our selections here. Vudu is also a purchase or rental site with prices starting at $2.99 for a rental.

Naturally, this is too much for me, since I already thbelong to Netflix. I then return to Netflix to see if the title that I found on Vudu is available for Instant Download, because we are members there.  The title is usually found at Netflix, but not always for Instant Download, and we rarely have the time or patience to wait a few days for a DVD to arrive in the mail.

After that, I try Amazon.com Instant Video, where prices begin at $1.99, and I feel that I can spring for this splurge.  (He starts laughing at the thought of it.)  If found on Amazon, just to be sure, I also double-check iTunes to guarantee that there are not any 99-cent specials on the same movie. And finally, I often run a search on Bing to see what reviewers have said about the film.

itunesAll of the above takes me about 10 minutes, after locating the movie which is the hardest part, and why we like to share our favorite picks with you, Alexandra’s loyal readers.

It’s 10 minutes, of course, if I am properly caffeinated.  I have it down to a science because I don’t have a lot of extra time to spend on this.

So, to recap, here’s my usual gameplan:  1.  Go to Vudu and find a great family film;  2.  Check to see if it’s on Netflix Instant Download;  3.  Research the price on Amazon, and on iTunes, if there’s any better deal;  and  4.  If in doubt about the content, get reviews about a particular film on Bing.

This is all subject to Alexandra’s preferences, and she generally has a good handle on what the kids will enjoy.  If it’s too juvenile, she does some of her own work while “watching”.  If it’s too mature, we lose the kids.  So it’s a tough audience, but generally, a pretty good evening results.

Questo e` tutto (that’s it).  Ciao!


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  1. avatar hoonew says:

    Magnifico! Thank you for the clear play-by-play of your strategy. Many new tips, here!

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