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Fishermen’s Sweaters

My mother-in-law used to knit beautiful sweaters, everything from Fair Isle designs to rough fishermen’s sweaters.  My husband and I enjoyed wearing them for years in our leisure time before having children.  Now that we have kids, and no free time, our children need the sweaters, and my mother-in-law no longer knits.

No, do NOT suggest that I take up the craft.  I would love to, but Benedetto has hidden away in some closet a scarf that I started knitting about 30 years ago.  If you had a very thin neck, maybe 12 inches in circumference it might work….  Otherwise, I simply don’t have the time.

We once had a wonderful, grey fishermen’s sweater from Greece.  It was my husband’s, and he lent it to me on our honeymoon when we encountered ultra-chilly weather and some snow on a fall afternoon.  Beautiful photos resulted—grey sweater, blue-grey eyes, blond hair….

Those days are gone, lol.  Perhaps… well, one can always hope….

I love big, chunky sweaters in raw, wintry weather.  As long as the chunky sweaters are not on me, thank you.  But for the kids, or the hubby, love the look.

If we were Irish, we might call them Irish sweaters.  These are the locations and professions that know about warmth….

Today, the kids are wearing their fishermen’s sweaters from here and there.  The patterns, the textures, the shades of color.  The boys have more interesting ones than the girls, since the girls tend to have boring beige.  Still, they’re nice.

Along with the chunky sweaters, we had fish chowder for lunch, replete with the ever- necessary oyster crackers which went by the handfuls.  As long as they don’t start talking pirate-talk any time soon, these props carried us away to lighthouses and crashing waves and adventures yet to be fulfilled-!

Do you have a favorite sweater?



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  1. avatar Gwendolyn says:

    I used to love Fisherman’s sweaters. In my life, I have owned TWO, one that I bought at 16 and wore until I was well into my 30’s, and a second one that I bought in my 30’s and only gave up wearing when I gained a bunch of weight. [weeps a little]

    I need a new one. Thanks for making me realize that!

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