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Flash from the Past: Fun Summer Flick

Film Title: The Terminal.With summer fading on the horizon, and back-to-school supplies and schedules concerning those who need to be concerned, it’s a great time for a summer film. Not to mention days on end of rain across the U.S.’s East Coast, which makes for good viewing weather….

So our family hunkered down the other night to watch a film that I thought would appeal to our kids’ Russian-American hearts. They loved the full range of emotions of from the disorientation of being a newcomer in a new land, to bureaucrats needing to do negative things in order to get ahead, to nice women being unable to make decent choices in life….

Which film? “The Terminal” featuring Tom Hanks. It dates from 2004 and concerns a man who becomes stateless as his country the terminal 2undergoes a revolution while he is traveling to the U.S. As Viktor Navorsky, his passport is remanded and his visa becomes moot upon arrival in America. He, himself, is “unacceptable” to enter the country, nor to be shipped back to his own country.

How he survives, living in the international arrivals terminal, is a story that any frequent traveler would enjoy. The freshening-up in the bathrooms, the unique blend of shops available, how to obtain food when you have no acceptable money will resonate with anyone who is nowhere near the dire straits that Navorsky faces.

terminal 3There are friendship themes, not lying even when that would be the easy way out, examples of kindness and compassion and hard work. A few bad words, no sex, in all, we would recommend it.

The Eastern European accents, the occasional Russian phrase, the unique coping techniques, all make this a fun, poignant film for a summer evening.


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