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Flipping Fidos

332061381_9f997c6182_zThere’s something about a doggy on his back, snoring out loud, legs twitching, that simply speaks to me of utter trust and abandon. 

Today, a neighbor was picking up our newspaper, sure that we were out of town, wanting to place it behind one of our pillars and out-of-eyesight, while walking her tri-color Border Collie.  The sweet dog spied me driving up, around the same time that her owner gave a wave.

Then the black, white, and tan doggy slinked on over to wag and wiggle for me.  As I petted her, she did the only intelligent thing, laying down, flipping over on her back and willing me to tickle her tummy. 

Utter bliss.  For both of us.  I admit it, when it comes to dogs, we’re symbiotic, sentimenal saps.Barney_on_his_back

My Scottish Terriers are exactly the same.  When they greet me each morning, they stand up, strettttch with concave backs, their chests and heads low and their bottoms high, just willing me to scratch down their spines.

IMG_1767And behind their ears.

And under their chins.

Before you know it, flip goes the Fido, and I’m scratching their armpits.  Doesn’t that sound delightful.

Yet it is. 

Utter abandon, absolute enjoyment, basking in love.  It’s a doggy lecture in How to Live, and How to Live Well. 

Are you taking notes?


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  1. avatar Karen says:

    Very cute dogs! Who could turn them down for a scratch on the belly?

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