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Flying the Unfriendly Skies

Air travel has been heating up recently, yes, it has. Passengers shouting insults, attacking each other, drinking too much, demanding service, flight attendants instructing everyone to deplane, air marshals taking charge… it’s enough to want to make you stay home this summer.

And you know, that just might not be a bad idea.

For many years, I flew four times a week and no, I did not work for the airlines. One time, I recall being pushed beyond the limit, standing up and commanding a plane full of drunk golfers where I and a couple of flight attendants were the only women onboard, to hush up, they should be ashamed of themselves, we would not be onlookers to their gross vulgarity any longer.

Oh, and have a nice day.

No, as a matter of fact, I left that last part off.

The flight crew came to me after deplaning, after I had stared down each and every one of the offending individuals as they exited the aircraft, and thanked me profusely. A passenger could do what they could not. Which I would not always recommend. Taking the situation into your own hands is not usually the best way to go. But at 20,000 feet, we had all had enough.

It helped to be young, blond, glamorous… and full of indignation. I recall a few choice phrases, none of which were ugly, but put the guys in their places.

Oh and yes, this was a morning flight, so if you think that might help, that maybe, just maybe, folks won’t be inebriated, overly-stressed, or wild and crazy as the sun is just about to come up… think again. Daytime, nighttime, Saturday, too, it all seems to conjure up anxiety levels which some folks just can’t handle.

But if you find yourself in such a predicament, here are some possible choices of what to do: inform a flight attendant of any problem, change your seat location (good luck with that on these overcrowded flights), try to sleep through it (ear plugs and eye mask might help), bring along a good book, magazine or electronics, ask for an emergency landing if things become really dangerous.

Hopefully, it’s not an international airline flight and you’ll be on terra firma in no time. Happy travels!


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