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FootGolf: Who Knew?

IMG_1095One of the latest trends sweeping America and other nations: FootGolf. If our son had not been working on a golf course, we might never have known.

I’m not sure exactly how it works, but on their course if I’m understanding this correctly, the powers that be will cover over the normal golf holes on the Par 3 course, uncover the specially-dug, 21-inch FootGolf holes and voila`, a FootGolf course is born for an evening, or day, or off-season, or whenever it is they play the game. Meanwhile, the regular, 18-hole golf course continues business as usual.

Sounds like a plan.

Our family was notified of the inaugural free-admission day of the new sport combining IMG_1094golf and soccer, and naturally, they could not turn down the deal. That is how, early one morning as the sun was still barely rising, our four children and their fearless father made their way to the course in freezing temperatures.

Not a soul was there, but never mind, we can spot a hot, new trend a golf course away. Each child was issued their very own #5 soccer ball even though not a one of them IMG_1097sported a flat cap, golf knickers, and argyle socks as the de rigeur outfit du jour. It was more along the lines of this-is-our-time-and-we’ll-wear-what-we-want which of course, did not go over well with their mother, but who cares, she wasn’t going anyway, but she still put in her two cents’ about wearing at least a dozen layers each or nobody was going to go out in this cold weather.

Their father thought about his role a few times, decided against pre-emptively wrapping his ankle with a good ole Ace bandage, and chose to become official score-keeper, photographer, and ball chaser. Apparently, the kids were wild. By game’s end, a couple of them needed some Ace bandages.

Instead of limiting their kicks to under-6 per hole on the par-3 golf course, they got out IMG_1101there and had some fun. FootGolf will never be the same. One ball headed toward a major highway, it is reported. Another ball went splash-! into the pond and they had to fish it out.

Regulars on the golf course recognized our son and swung by on their golf carts. The enthusiastic display of family fun with four teens kicking away was drawing a crowd.

“Take it easy,” they counseled, chuckling, “pace yourself.”

Forget that the scores were semi-pitiful, they finished the course in under an hour. Some of them are still limping days later, but hey, to be a trendsetter, there are sacrifices to be made.

FootGolf. You heard it here first.


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