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forgetfulnessI have turned into that caricature of a woman who searches here and there for her glasses, while they’re propped on top of my head. Forgetfulness is not so much annoying in and of itself, as much as it’s a waste of time.

From the other side of the house, I decide to text my husband. We have an intercom system, but nobody’s ever taken the time to learn how it works. Maybe it’s meant for music to be piped into every room, perhaps it’s real purpose revolves around sounding security alarms in case of enemy attack. I have no idea. But I don’t like the idea of anyone being paged in my own house. So, rather than scream for him, I text.

Naturally, his phone is nowhere near him, because he’s “at home” and when you’re at home, emergencies can’t happen.

I do the second most intelligent thing and shout for one of the kids who forgetfulnesscarries my message to my husband: I need to talk.

“He’ll come in a few minutes, Mama.”

“Thank you, Sweetie.”

And so I wait. And wait. And wait. Granted, I put the time to good use. But this is why I don’t just walk to the other side of the house for myself. Benedetto will say that he’s in the midst of something important, and could we discuss whatever it is in a few minutes?

forgetfulnessWhich leads back to waiting, anyhow.

Sometimes I write him a note, however, he tends to lose those.

By the time he gets around to remembering me, I’ve forgotten what I wanted to talk about. Which is exactly his strategy.

And if I do remember and let him know about the issue du jour, about five minutes later he returns and asks me to refresh his memory: what did I ask him to do? And then I can’t remember.

The brain must be dealing with bigger issues.

I think we’re turning into a little, old, forgetful Mama and Papa…. Does this happen to you, or is it just us?


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