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Four Weeks Petya-Free

IMG_3002-bigWe are more than midway through and actually nearing the end of the month-long leave of absence our oldest son took from his job… and his university studies… and us. Volunteering as a camp counselor, I hear he’s heading out for whitewater rafting early in the morning.

He sneaks the occasional text to us once every couple of days, just to say he loves us and misses us. The kids and counselors are supposed to be electronics-free, and I’m all for it in theory, you know, just to kick back and enjoy nature, engage in the sports and activities and grow as a group. But still. Being cut-off from the family that wants to hear all about your adventures is cruel and unusual punishment on both sides. So I guess he texts in the toilet, lol, and I check my phone about 500 times a day.

The powers-that-be post things online. I see Petya wearing his hair differently, wearing different clothes and doing israelfolk_handshoulderIsraeli folk dances. He’s spreading his wings, after all, he’s almost 20. He’s having fun. Plus, he’s carefully watching over his charges 24/7.

He’s exhausted. And he’s never been away from home so long. So I’m exhausted.

Our son will arrive on the train late Sunday night, around the same time I begin a week away on business of my own. That means it will be another full week before he and I reunite.

train-stationNo fair.

By the time we can really talk, he may be all talked-out. Or I may be way too tired after a grueling week of my own. But we’ll figure it out, someway, somehow.

I want my sweetie-pie home!


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