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Free Finds?

chairDriving down the road, I do a double-take. Our family just bypassed a perfectly-fine dining room table chair, with a sign announcing, “Free”.

I laugh, imagining that most free furniture items are moth-eaten, broken, flea-infested or prove to be liabilities in any number of ways. Yet, I am inexplicably drawn to this chair.

“Put it in reverse,” I instruct Benedetto, surprising even myself.chairinroad

“What-?!” he blinks.

“I need a chair for family photos on the beach,” I explain, finding myself in a small village setting and not wanting to take furnishings from a rented cottage into the great outdoors.

Not to mention the chair would be a great perching place for me to spend the odd moment in peace and quiet. I could envision it in a field, for example….

Within a minute, our boys jump out to scoop up the lonesome chair and place it in our warm and loving SUV. For now, it was a perfect addition to the family, another example of a great find winging its way to us and fitting right in.


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