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Free Land in Russia

Russia-532614A couple of weeks ago, a friend sent a news article announcing free land in Russia. Could it be true? Yes, if you were a Russian citizen and felt the pioneering spirit, you could sign up for the latest in Russian-good-ideas-gone-bad.

The Russian president approved the scheme whereby one hectare (2.5 acres) would be given to anyone either already living in the Russian Far East, or those willing to move there, and engage in farming, forestry or some other desirable industry. However, there were a number of stipulations, over 100, some sources report….

The beneficiary would need to physically live there.th

You could not sell the land to others.

If, after five years, the proposal didn’t work, the government could reclaim your land.

Not to mention it might be difficult to access the property far from roads, electricity, stores or most any type of major infrastructure. And of course, there was always the issue of such a small plot of land not being enough to truly sustain a family through agriculture, much less make a business of it.

Takers, anyone?


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