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Free Russian Elections?

On March 4th, less than a month from now, the Russian presidential election takes place.  Following the December 4th parliamentary elections and allegations of fraud and ballot-stuffing when Putin’s United Russia party took over 50% of the vote, huge demonstrations broke out within the week.  It’s clear that the people want change, but how they’re going to get it is another matter.

The five candidates running include:  Vladimir Putin of United Russia, Gennady Zyuganov of the Communist party, Sergey Mironov of A Just Russia, Vladimir Zhirinovsky – Liberal Democratic, and Mikhail Prokhorov – Independent (also known for his prostitute-procuring powers at French ski resorts).  Current President Dmitry Medvedev nominated Putin to run for another six-year term, and for that, Prime Minister Putin promised Medvedev to be the next Prime Minister.

So even before the elections happen, it appears to be pretty well sewn-up, except that accurate reporting is a problem.  Much of the media is state-owned, and the journalists bold enough to speak out usually end up dead, about 1,000 over the past 10 years in Russia, who are usually shot gangland-style, or who simply disappear without a trace.  Remember Paul Klebnikov, the American investigative journalist of Russian descent who established the Russian Forbes magazine and ended up dead?  Nine out of ten of these journalistic mysteries are never prosecuted.  Makes one want to participate in the democratic  process….

Now the powers that be at the FSB (the former KGB) are suggesting that Facebook, V’Kontakte (the Russian equivalent of FB), Gmail, and Skype are dangerous and threatening to national security.  In a good cop- bad cop playout, Putin argues that a modern Russia believes in freedom of the Internet… except when it incites to violence… which leaves things pretty much open to interpretation… because any thug can wield a bottle, or Molotov cocktail at any time… best not to take chances, they might say….

And of course, tired subject that it is, the Russian Foreign Ministry is currently calling to suspend adoptions of Russian children by Americans.  This came in response to lenient court sentences handed down by U.S. courts in the handful of abuse cases happening over the last 20 years, which, if compared to how many Russian bio, adoptive, or foster families abuse children would be like a speck in the big, blue sea.  But, good fodder for pre-election paranoia.

Possibly, the new Ambassador at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow can put in a good word or two.  Hopefully, the Russian people will make their voices heard, even though the Teachers Unions report being bussed to mandatory pro-Putin rallies whether they like it or not.  Most importantly, the young Russian professionals need to see their new-found influence in the Internet, and continue using it to mobilize and motivate the masses.

Some don’t like that.  Perhaps that’s why my humble website gets daily hack attempts from Russia.  Pashalistah, tovarischee… please, comrades… play nice.




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  1. avatar Shelley says:

    I truly appreciate your insights and keeping all of us so up to date. I send my adopting friends here for the latest news, and also to the Russian Rescue site to chat with your son! Thank you.

    • avatar admin says:

      You’re welcome, Shelley. As I update myself, I enjoy spreading the info to anyone interested. I’m glad that your friends’ kids could speak with Petya–that’s wonderful!

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