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Fresh Vision

All around us is an alternate world.  It’s a spiritual dimension of blessing and plenty.  Yet, how many of us take time to commune with our Creator and get a fresh vision of what life might really be?

At our house, we’ve been talking a lot about being able to see.  Our boys recently discovered that they needed glasses for distance.  A whole new world has opened to them.  Like the blind of the Bible, shouts of “I can see!” have been echoing with the passing of every tree and billboard and vista.

They’re so thrilled to have their cool glasses, not that they particularly “need” them until they start to drive, but it’s changed things.  Petya anticipates his tennis opponents’ every move, being able to actually see when the ball leaves their racquet.  Pasha can watch for  turns on the road and feel more knowledgeable about where we’re going.

I had a similar moment at the beach near the dacha.  We took the kids there to actually go in the water, not my usual, crack-of-dawn exercise routine with our oldest.  While they jumped in, early in the morning with their father supervising, I went for a contemplative walk.  It felt so good to mentally pause and pray, glancing at the water and rising sun.

Out of the corner of my eye I glimpsed a fin.  Stopping dead in my tracks, the thought “shark” sprang to mind.  But instead, as I scanned the water, I found it was a dolphin cresting the waves again and again.

We strolled along together, my dolphin buddy and I.  It amazed me that none of the other early-morning joggers, or dog walkers, or fishermen spotted him.  Just me.  We kept pace with each other for quite some time, finally he took a couple of rides on the waves, just for fun.

It brought a smile to my face.  It brought fresh vision to my heart.  All around us are possibilities and surprises, if only we would open our eyes.

I recall when my children thought that dandelions were beautiful flowers to be picked in bouquets and admired.  That’s a different type of vision than I had.  We laughed to be reminded that not everyone viewed them as weeds to be eradicated at every opportunity.  As a matter of fact, we had several neighbors of the same opinion, apparently….

Often, it’s how you view things, or if you’re willing to look beyond the immediate, to the happy horizons in the distance.  Look beneath the surface, look above the heavens, there are answers and resources and friends waiting.

I pray that you have fresh vision today.  With God, all things are possible.



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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    Today I took many photos of my Grandsons spitting water in an arc as high as they could do it, in our spa. It was pure joy and a thing children love to do despite that it sounds and seems gross to have pool water in your mouth. But, oh the pictures and oh the memories! So also remember to look for the simple joys of childhood.

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