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Friends Encouraging Friends

thSo many changes in so many friends’ lives. All of them good, all of them breakthroughs. It’s special to be able to cheer them on to victory, to be there in good times and bad.

Isn’t that what life is all about, to give someone else an encouraging word and to rejoice with them when their ship comes in?

In the past week, a friend interviewed for a new position and we prayed for her. When she called Human Resources to check on the outcome of the meeting, out of 20,000 employees in their system, they knew her last name before she even said it. Her resume was somehow floating to the top.

Another couple had a new puppy with an infection. Again, words of encouragement and rallying aroundencouraging the pup. She soon pulled through. If only now they can housebreak her, lol.

A friend who had been believing for a car had a great one given to him. Outright. It helped to ease his family’s transportation problems overnight. Imagine him driving with the top down on a beautiful summer day…. Talk about joy coming in the morning… or evening… or any time of day-!

friendsAn artist-girlfriend selling high-end art through traditional channels and very exclusive establishments has doors opening in London among wealthy Arab and Russian residents. She deserves it and it’s been a long time coming.

A retired friend took up our son’s offer to try out the gym.  The two of them will head there together one night for him to check it out.  How special!

Together, we can be more and do more when friends support friends, pray for them and give them an uplifting word. Nobody’s in competition but in cooperation. When someone close to us is blessed, it serves to remind us that life is a team sport… and good things are headed our way, as well.


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