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From Selfish to Sharing Scotties

contemporary-pet-toysOur big Scottish Terrier, Misha, just turned 8 years old. His younger “brother”, Grisha, is 6-1/2. Each is the source of the other’s joy… and angst.

For his birthday, we gave Misha a lime green Hurley bone. This indestructible rubber toy remains the only item, apart from a Kong, that their strong teeth will not shred in two seconds’ flat. They already have a small Hurley bone in one home, and a medium-sized one at the other house. We felt that two medium ones might benefit them, because they enjoy each holding the other end and giving it a good tug.

As in tug-of-war.

No sooner did I present the bone to Misha as he gingerly took it in his teeth, than Grisha ran up and snatched it away.IMG_3921

“Hey!” we distracted Grisha, and gave the bone back to Misha.

It didn’t last long. Sure enough, Grisha grabbed it again, not only the new Hurley, but the old one, also. There he ran, two bones sticking out of his mouth in a T formation, with Misha-the-sweetie looking bewildered.

“Grab it back, Misha!” we urge, feeling like parents who might instruct their child to punch in the nose the playground bully.

IMG_3927We observe Grisha lining up the rubber bones parallel to each other, so that he might fit both side-by-side in his mouth. Then he runs around and around the living room on parade. Misha chases him, yet is still perplexed, being a more sharing type of guy.

At last Grisha collapses, exhausted over all the excitement. He holds one bone inbetween his paws and pushes the other to roll toward Misha’s nose. While Misha considers this development, Grisha jumps up to grab it again.

It’s hard to share at times, particularly when there’s a new toy in the house. But Misha and Grisha are getting there, slowly, slowly.


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