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Fun Flick: “Big Time Movie”

Alright, I know, I live under a rock. I’ve never heard of the boy-band “Big Time Rush”, nor their movies, of which I’m recommending the fifth, “Big Time Movie”. We stumbled across this one which provided a great evening’s entertainment at home.

Four teen-like guys travel to London on an around-the-world band tour when bags get switched and it turns into a slapstick spy spoof, punctuated by clips from Beatles’ sound tracks and poses from their long-ago covers. Goofy antics, chase scenes, international intrigue, and enough sub-plots to keep a submarine afloat will keep the preteen and early teen crowd mesmerized, along with the parents laughing.

Mix together a talking van, British secret agents who just keep missing their targets, bungling Swedish agents, sleep darts, and some fun music, and most of the family should be chuckling. The fast pace ensures that even a jaded, old-timer like me can appreciate the good, clean antics.

From our family to yours: download this one. The only drawback: if you have girls, they may fall in luuuuv with the charming guys.


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