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Fun Summer Film

thIf you’re looking for light fare for your preteen or early teen kids, there’s a new film on the Netflix lineup.  Originally made for the Hallmark Channel, this one has beach scenes, good guys, bad guys, a scientific subplot replete with endangered wildlife.  There is no bad language that I remembered, the skimpiest clothing is a young teen in mid-thigh shorts and two layered t-shirts, and the storyline is simple enough for young and old to follow.

Rated PG, “Return to Nim’s Island” is a nice summer break of 90 minutes.  The lead role (Nim, 14-year-old daughter of on-island naturalist/scientist) is played by Bindi Irwin.  The father and daughter wish to protect their remote island habitat from resort developers and wildlife poachers.  There are someth laughs, along with suspense, and a boy about her age who arrives on the island to help.

If you never saw the 2008 prequel “Nim’s Island”, start with that, not that our kids remembered or put two and two together that this was the sequel.  The actors are different this time around, but the first one is funny enough on its own, with an adventure writer (Jodie Foster) who is actually terrified of setting foot outside her urban apartment, and somehow ends up stranded on the remote island through a series of mishaps.

No one’s going to win any awards for this new film though anyone would love Irwin’s acting, but to show a strong teen girl (and later guy) in a wholesome and capable role was worth it.  If you’re looking for imagination, adventure, and family fare, “Return to Nim’s Island” may do it for you.

We enjoyed it and hope you do, too!


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