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Gal Pals

ladiesI have the best friends. They check in on me, I check in on them. We share laughs and coffee, challenges and accomplishments. We’re there for each other.

I don’t understand when reality shows depict women who scheme against other women. There always seems to be a lot of alcohol involved. That may be the difference. Tea-totaler here.

In my vast experience on several continents, women who can’t get along with other women generally are over-involved in others’ lives. They take it personally if someone gets a promotion, raises their children differently, has a more attentive husband or is footloose and spouse-free. Somehow, the other lady is perceived to be invading their territory and personally affronting Female-Friendsthem.

It’s kinda crazy.

Instead, I surround myself mostly with women who are mentally stable, emotionally generous and professionally or familially advancing. We get it. We don’t need to be over-involved in each other’s business since we have lives of our own. But we’re there for each other.

The world can be a harsh place for those in the public eye, either through their careers or other activities. Aristotle probably summed it up the best: “There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”

So nice to have gal pals and family whom we support and who support us. Instead of criticism, there is encouragement; instead of chaos, there is calm.



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