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Gender Confusion at the Gym: Planet Fitness Plays Dumb

gym-2Oh. come. on. You gotta be kidding.

After 100 years, I finally join the gym. I plunk down my $10/month and work out a couple of times a week, interspersing with my normal outdoor routine. I wait till the new year rush of January/February resolution-makers runs out and at last, I feel hopeful that I will be able to work out minus any cheek-by-jowl cramped conditions. My college-aged son and I go early in the morning or late at night.

And now, I hear that there may be men in the ladies’ locker room.

The incident happened at a Planet Fitness location in Michigan,locker-room-vic-park when a 48-year-old woman encountered a man in the women’s locker room. He was wearing makeup and a wig, but she knew for sure that he was a man.

Yvette Cormier complained at the front desk. But since Planet Fitness promotes a “judgment free zone” mentality, anyone… who identifies with any gender… could apparently use… any locker room… of their choice.

And here, all this time I thought that judgment-free meant that out-of-shape folks were just as welcome as the lean-and-mean ones-!

c4c6add65130f2ff_indoor-gym-plan.xxxlarge_1Silly me.

Others had complained about the gender-challenged man. Nothing was done.

When Cormier returned to the gym and began to warn other women… her gym membership was revoked. Obviously, she had “judged” and was no longer welcome. The fact that she warned others that a transgender person… with male plumbing… who was posing as a woman… was using the ladies’ locker room… was also wrong.

Folks, this is nuts. Nobody cares about anyone’s gender identification. (Well, naturally, some people care….) In a locker room, women don’t want men of any persuasion to be present. Period. And if that’s judging… or worthy of a member’s gym membership being revoked… maybe it’s time that a real judge weighed in on the matter.

I foresee a lovely lawsuit on the horizon.

On the positive side, the gym may become even less crowded if this weird policy continues.


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