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Generations of Genocide

27CB7ACF00000578-3048472-SS_Sergeant_Oskar_Groening_known_as_the_bookkeeper_of_Auschwitz_-m-9_1429607920030A former Nazi officer, known as the “Bookkeeper of Auschwitz” and now in his 90s was sentenced by a German court to four years in prison. His crime included counting the cash of new arrivals at the death camp of Auschwitz/Birkenau located in Nazi-occupied Poland.

An old man, 90-some years old. We will not ascribe a name to him because his victims were reduced to numbers on their forearms.

No one knows if he will appeal, if he will serve even a day of this time, or why the court felt that he might need to see the light of day after four years. Maybe it had something to do with a partial admission of his guilt, the fact that he came forward a few years back when he responded to Holocaust deniers by saying these things did indeed happen and that he had witnessed them. In court, he acknowledged his guilt “with regret”.

Unfortunately, he was not forthcoming with information about other SS members he might have germany-auschwitzknown.

Does it matter that this SS member views his past in a different light? Is it germane that this happened 70 years ago?

At a time when new waves of terror and persecution sweep across our earth, does it bother us that we still have not fully dealt with the evil deeds of the past?


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