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Get-Away Glitches

Well, we thought we could escape the bullet:  you know, get away for a few days and enjoy life.  Last year, our dog cut/scraped his foot when we tried to vacation for three days.  This time, someone hacked into the 3-D site, making most everything go haywire.

New computer code, new passwords, we were locked out of our own site for awhile.  Since we were on vacation, trying to spend time with loved ones, not much time to work on such things, either….

Sorry to everyone who wondered what was going on, and if I was perhaps locked in a back room with my jewels ransacked.  You know it’s not like me to disappear.  Some of you kind souls actually thought I was taking a real vacation, lol.  There are still aspects of the site that are being repaired, so please bear with us.

The best-laid plans, as they say.  Our favorite international hackers decided to strike and cause havoc right when they knew we were hoping for a few days to ourselves (as though they cared).  So instead of resting and relaxing, we had to do some undercover cyber-lurking of our own in order to hunt down the criminals who could easily come from any of a handful of countries at the top of my list.

I know it sounds far-fetched, but this is what the online world has come to, even when it involves topics as innocuous as children, dogs, and travels.  We needn’t be paranoid to realize that there are those out to get us.

On the other end of the spectrum, I have to laugh when nice, decent people in my reading audience don’t believe half of what happens to us on a regular basis.  They imagine that this is a fictional blog.  They write to me privately and ask if this or that really transpired, and I affirm, yes, it truly did.

Well, then, hold onto your hats, because either the Russian or the Italian mafia is hot on our trail and it went down something like this….

Before I realized that everything had crashed and burned, we did get away. Our family  spent a couple of days in a small fishing village.  Picturesque, quiet, quaint.  Good food, window shopping, time to connect as a family.

Then, about six hours into our restful retreat, we notice the websites starting to crash.  Unable to post new blogs.  E-mails shutting us down and out.

Perfect timing for burning the midnight oil (she said cynically) and trying to outsmart the cyber-warriors when we least had the time.  Now we needed to figure out how to hack back into our own sites.

The family getaway possessed enough adventure of its own:  interesting people from shopkeepers to restauranteurs who wanted to chat about life, or other dog owners who wanted to visit with our Scotties, not to mention overhearing fishermen discuss upcoming storms.  This was more appealing to us than trying to determine who was trying to deepsix my site.

Were any of these characters targeting us in particular, or in general?  Was it cyber-stalking, or real-life stalking (BTDT)?  Were they stalking us, keeping tabs on us, waiting to strike just when they had lulled us into thinking that we were in a safe and secure small town setting?

As it happens in our travels, all appeared placid and calm on the surface, with unusual elements thrown in for good measure.  One shopkeeper let our girls pick out anything of their choice, simply because they were so pretty and well-mannered. One café owner picked up in the middle of a conversation he had enjoyed with Benedetto one year previous, as though it were five minutes ago.  There was even a booming baritone singing Italian love songs to us from his slowly-passing convertible.  Would you call these normal occurrences?

However, this time, the adventure moved up a notch and was taken to the next level.  (Be forewarned:  you may not believe this.)  The last day, we were winding up our time in the small village and walking to our car.  The aforementioned baritone was singing, while the heavens parted.  Sunshine came and went through patchy clouds. Noisy seagulls screeched overhead as a few of them seemed intent on fighting each other.  We saw an object falling from the sky, a` la Chicken Little.

“Watch out!” I called to everyone to step back.

Thwack! something hit the pavement with a thud, sounding like a fish.  Naturally, I left my family on the sidewalk and went into the street to investigate.

“A squid!” I exclaimed incredulously, observing the item on the road.  “The birds dropped a squid!”

I could only imagine the owners of said parked car returning to get into their vehicle and having to step over a creamed calimari.  Forget the Mafia’s dead fish warnings, perhaps the next generation would be placing squid or sushi out and about.  The rest of my family came into the street and checked it out.  And yes, I took a photo.

Most of us were bemused and baffled by the event, yet Benedetto thought nothing of it, which may say something about the circles in which he travels.

“You don’t think it’s odd that a seagull flew over our heads and dropped a squid on the street in front of us?” I asked incredulously.

No doubt he was trying to calculate how to scoop up the squid and make fried calimari before any of us could think twice about it.  Instead, he forced himself to reply.

“What, we’re by the sea.  Birds drop clams all the time, in order to open them up.  It was rather large for a squid, I’ll grant that,” he shrugged.

I’ll say it was large.  The squid could have doubled as a sofa bolster.

Okay, Mr. Nonchalant.  It’s at a time like that we need to count our blessings:  none of us had been hit on the head by the flying calimari.  It did not land on our car where the dogs were snoozing with the windows semi-open in the brisk, autumn air.  How would they have handled that?

If only we could figure out how to send the slippery, dead squid to the website hackers, the two-day getaway would have proved more meaningful.  For now, this sign from heaven would have to suffice.

“Yo!  Youse guys stay outta my website, or youse gonna sleep with da squids. Capisce?”



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  1. avatar Shelley says:

    What a trip! At least you can look on the lighter side of things. Now get some rest.

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